CHANCE TO WIN! – A Double Pass to Shanks Pony Tours

We’re giving you the chance to win yourself a double pass for you and a friend to go to a real life ghost tour with Shanks Pony!

Boom Radio is being visited from the great beyond! duo-clipart-halloween_ghosts_duo_2.pngAnd we need your help to identify what past Australian idol is visiting us. We’ve been taking lots of photos and got experiences to share with you on our facebook page every day, each one will be a hint to get closer to finding out who this spirit is! 

On Halloween, during the drive show with Dan and Sav, they will give a cue to call us on 94 4 3 22 36. The first person who can guess correctly to identify with what spirit is visiting us the tickets are yours!


We have got down to the final clue. our visitor has stopped by the studio today on Halloween to have a chat. hes a really nice bloke and all he had to say to us when he saw sav and dan in costumes was “CRIKEY”

if you can figure out who he is give us a call NOW on 94432236 and tell us the answer to win!


Today during a meeting we saw in the corner by the room we had a guest visit us during the meeting. we saw our visitor has developed more and grown arms too! We’ve almost figured out who this visitor is!


Today while sitting in the Boom Office something felt off and nobody could figure out what it was. when it came to home time we were greeted by out boom spirit. but something was different. this time out visitor had legs! We’re on our way to trying to figure out who this mystery visitor is! if you can help keep your eyes peeled here for updates!



Shanon was in the studio when she felt the same cold feeling that Sav described the day before. she turned to see a faint figure next to her and had a chat with our visitor finding out our famous Australian has visited us all the way from Queensland!



Dan and Sav were enjoying their drive show when suddenly Sav felt the temperature drop and strangely the theme song to her favourite child hood TV show!


Boom Radio is a proud Sponsor of Shanks Pony Ghost Tours


(This article will be updated every day with the hint on our facebook page)


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