Three Wishes

So I heard today they are remaking “Aladdin” as a live action film, it got me thinking what would I have wished for if I had found a genie?


First off I would have hoped that it was more of a genie-like in “I Dream Of Jeannie” but hey I am a big fan of Blondes and the bottle.


So in the 1992 Disney classic Aladdin makes these wishes:
1. Make me a Prince
2. To be saved from drowning
3. To free the Genie

Now I have never been one for riches and wealth, I’m more a content with the lot you got kind of guy, so I don’t want to be a Prince.

Saved from drowning… Now this is a bit of a situational wish from Aladdin but here is something you might not know about me. I cannot swim to save myself, I can’t even float, put me in a pool with some floaties and it is still touch and go if I will sink to the bottom or not. The no drowning thing isn’t a bad one in my books…

Freeing Genie, a total act of selflessness on Aladdin’s behalf, makes you question yourself would you be a total legend like Aladdin or not? After all, Aladdin got the girl and beat the bad guy and didn’t need any more wishes. Was it selflessness or lack of imagination?


Ok, so I have been sitting here in front of my computer trying to think of what I would wish for. The problem is I can’t think of anything I want. Over time something comes into my mind, I question it, disregard it and move on.

World peace? We saw how well that went for them in The Simpsons

Riches? Like I said before not what I am into, my mother taught me never to lend a friend money because it never works out for anyone, I feel like with riches you would have a lot of friends that needed “help.”


Super strength? X-ray vision? Super speed? Flying? Who has time to be a hero? I gotta make dinner tonight.


So I am left stumped and without any wishes. I’d probably just ask Jeannie if she wanted to go for a drink with me…

What do you think, what would you wish for?

Let us know in the comments below.


1 thought on “Three Wishes”

  1. Genie gives 3 wishes:
    1. The ability to play every instrument with unparalleled proficiency (besides talent this brings $ and fame – kind of a 3in 1 wish).
    2. To passionately and kindly love the same man that loved only me, for all of my life.
    3. I’d wish to be a genie

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