Outraged in Leederville.

A longtime reader sent me an email the other day, to say they we upset would have been an understatement.

Here is the email i received:

“Dear Jake.

I thought I would bring to your attention an act of injustice, something that made me red in the face, something that made me so distressed I literally threw up!

I know little dramatic, but this is something I want the whole of Perth to know.

The Royal Show has always seen an increase in ticket prices and ride prices year after year and this i understand.

But I will not sit idol and watch as the cost of the Bertie Beetle bag doubles!

They keep these out of our reach during the year and the only time you can get these delicious treats is during the show.

Jake I must know what is our next step to see the perpetrators of this crime against the citizens of Perth brought to justice?

Outraged in Leederville”

Well Outraged,

Firstly thank you for your email and thank you for bringing this to my attention.

I, like you agree that Bertie is a crowd favourite and is hidden better than Jimmy Hoffa’s body during the rest of the year.

Here is the thing though, you and I both knew this would happen, sure we both hoped we would be long since passed through the veil by then but time moves much quicker these days and here we are at the day we (and I am sure more) dreaded.

You can’t fear change you must embrace it.

So for the time being we will have to deal with the $4 price tag.

I guess $5 is the new $2, head to the bank and ask for one of those flash new ones and grab a Bertie bag and remember the good times.

– Jake








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