Film Review: Hitchcock & Truffaut

In 1962 a conversation took place between two men…

Wait a lot of conversations took place in 1962, let’s be a little more specific: On the Universal Studios lot in Hollywood, California in the office of Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock with French Director François Truffaut a conversation took place.

Over 8 days Truffaut, with the help of an interpreter, questioned Hitchcock about his movies and his process of directing them, Truffaut would later turn what was taken from these conversations in to a book called Hitchcock/Truffaut that would be released in 1966 by Éditions Robert Laffont and become a bible of sorts to many filmmakers.

This book would go on to inspire generations of film makers including Martin Scorsese (Taxi Driver, The Wolf Of Wall Street) Wes Anderson (The Royal Tenenbaums, The Grand Budapest Hotel) and Richard Linklater (Dazed and Confussed, Everybody Wants Some!!) just to name a few.

With audio from the taped conversations and interviews with the above directors and more, the film shows sequences from Hitchcock films letting the audience see what the directors were talking about almost like a panel masterclass from the best in the biz.

This is required viewing for any Hitchcock fan or movie buff and for those who enjoys knowing more about how everything works behind the silver screen.

50 years after “Hitchcock/Truffaut” was first published a film of the same title has come to Australia and will premier in the Alfred Hitchcock film showcase “My Own Film Festival Finally!”

“My Own Film Festival Finally!” will be showing Hitchcock films from “Rebecca” (1940) to “Birds” (1963). With 12 films including “Hitchcock/Truffaut” being screened at Windsor Cinema between July 28 and August 10.

For more information head over to:

Watch the trailer here:

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