This Week’s Binge Worthy Shows – NETFLIX

So last week we kicked off with Stan and as promised this week we are talking Netflix.

So call someone over to Netflix and “Chill” or actually just to watch, whatever floats your boat!

Again in no particular order:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This show is nothing short of a laugh riot! Please watch it! even if you just watch it for Captain Holt’s expressionless reactions to all wacky situations you will be left hunched over yourself laughing up a storm.

Marvel’s Daredevildaredevil_2015_tv_series-wide

A blind superhero? Sign me up! Set in a very working class area of NYC, Hell’s kitchen is the setting of this adrenaline pumping action packed Marvel Classic come TV show.

Marvel’s Jessica Jonesmaxresdefault

Yes those clever crew at Netflix did partner with Marvel and for that I thank them! Look I am not your classic nerd but there is something about the comic universe that is very enticing. Jessica Jones is sensational and it’s great to see a character that is somewhat an anti-hero, it’s even better to see a female lead that isn’t all about pretty hair and make up. Watch this!

Next week we are back to Stan, so stay tuned!

– Jake

Any suggestions, wanna make comment on the shows listed here? Let us know in the comments below.

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