This week’s binge worthy shows – Stan

So I gotta tell you, I thought about doing a list of all the best shows on Stan and Netflix but I realised the list would be huge and we would all get bored reading it.

So I have decided that instead of that I will be giving you weekly updates on binge worth shows on both streaming platforms.

I am going to kick it off this week with Stan in no particular order:

BREAKING BAD21225_breaking_bad

Now I can already hear you all shouting at the screen; “But I have already seen Breaking bad!” Well thats good! But have you considered watching it again? The opening scene in Season 1 Episode 1 is worth a re-watch on its own and I bet you won’t stop there.


I remember seeing ads for this all the time on TV when it first came to Australia. I remember thinking “That looks awful! I’ll be 6ft under before I watch that!” Foolish, foolish man. This has become one of my favourite and most quoted tv shows. If you are anything like me and put this on the back burner, then it is about time you gave it a look. I can guarantee you’ll get a laugh.

Life on Mars


Straight away it must be said this is the BRITISH version! Do not bother with the joke of a remake the Yanks put out. This is a clever and well put together drama. The costuming and language is perfect. It looks great has a fantastic sound track is great and despite being a drama it’s got some laughs. Highly recommended.

Next week come back for Netflix!
– Jake

Got any recommendations or thoughts on the above list? Let us know in the comments below.

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