Boom Radio love our mums

Willow, Tash and Jules are excited that Mother’s Day is almost upon us as we love celebrating how great our mum’s are. So we are taking the time to share what they are doing with their mums on the special day.

Mothers day is a great excuse to do some cute cheesy things with mum. I’m a fan of a classic card and wrapped present, then going out for a coffee at an awesome cafe. It’s a great opportunity to catch up and maybe talk about more serious things with my mum, like old memories.

I will be spoiling my mother this mother’s day by taking her out for a lovely breakfast then we will be watching a movie, probably the new Captain America movie. I’ve also got her some little gifts that I got whilst I was in Melbourne last month so hopefully she likes them 🙂

As my brother is not awake early enough in the morning I will be making mum her breakfast and cup of tea for brekkie in bed. Then once the gifts are given my family is going over to my grandparents for lunch (cause pizza is what you have right?).

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