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The 2015 Melbourne Cup!

The Melbourne Cup has been run and won for another year, and as per usual there were a lot of surprises…

Over at Flemmington, Prince of Penzance went hard.

Not too many people would have predicted the outcome with one of the definite Roughies coming out on top as the Race once again stopped not only the Nation but the World as well.

Prince of Penzance went into the historic race as an $80 Outsider and shell-shocked his fellow horses in the great race to pick up the famous win.

Prince of Penzance was ridden by Michelle Payne and she was the only female Jockey in this year’s Race, and is also the first female jockey to ever take home the cup!

Michelle Payne, rider of Prince of Penzance

However this Year’s Race was once again talked about for all the wrong reasons with another Horse (Red Cadeux), having to receive treatment for an injury which has marred another intense day of racing.

This year’s race was also definitely one for the International’s with only one Australian horse, which is sure to be a shock to many.




Finishing Order :

  1. Prince of Penzance.
  2. Max Dynamite.
  3. Criterion
  4. Trip to Paris
  5. Big Orange
  6. Gust of Wind
  7. Excess Knowledge
  8. The Offer
  9. Quest for More
  10. Our Ivanhowe
  11. Who Shot Thebarman
  12. Sertorius
  13. Fame Game
  14. The United States
  15. Hartnell
  16. Bondi Beach
  17. Hokko Brave
  18. Almoonqith
  19. Kingfisher
  20. Preferment
  21. Grand Marshal
  22. Sky Hunter
  23. Snow Sky
    Did not finish: Red Cadeaux

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