The Perfect Earth (AKA Perth)

Perth is busy with construction everywhere – it seems like – but it’s all for the good of the future (although the roadworks in the city seem never-ending).

elizabeth quay
Elizabeth Quay still being created

All the new things being built and redeveloped and refurbished are in an effort to update Perth’s infrastructure to deal with the huuuuge population growth we’re going to get (well, that’s what the projections say). It’s also to attract tourism. We’ll have 2 million more neighbours by 2020!

Firstly, there’s the $440 million Elizabeth Quay project down on the foreshore of the CBD. It’s going to have a nice cafe strip, some whacky modern art sculptures, a cool walkbridge over the river and… It’s just going to look pretty. (It will, trust us… we think…) Just 9 weeks until it’s done!

Road spaghetti! Leach/Tonkin Hwy's
Road spaghetti! Leach/Tonkin Hwy’s

If you’ve ever been to the airport (either of them) you’ll know about the roadworks. You may have seen that they’ve opened up a new interchange between Leach and Tonkin Highway; now you can drive straight into Terminals 1 and 2. You can even get from those terminals over to 3 and 4 via Tonkin Highway – super easy is you took the wrong exit and need the other terminal!

It won't really be all QANTAS though
Perth Airport in the future. It won’t really be all QANTAS though.

The airport itself? Well, that’s going through a MAJOR upgrade, again to cope with the estimated population growth and the amount of passengers flying in/out of Perth. Right now about 13 million passengers fly every year but the new facilities will be able to handle 40 million+. Go Perth! You’ll be able to get to all terminals from the one building. It will take 30 years for it to be completely done and dusted but hey… Wait Awhile, right?

2020's Train map, bringing the Eastern suburbs the railway.
2020’s Train map, bringing the Eastern suburbs the railway.

Getting to the airport can be a pain (of course if you don’t fly or have never flown before none of this would be of any use). Fear not, dear neighbours, for the train line will FINALLY be extended to the airport. The Forrestfield-Aiport Link Project will link up a bunch of the eastern suburbs to each other and to the city for your convenience. The 8km underground stretch of track will spur off the Midland line just after Bayswater Station and have you at the airport in no time. Just go up the escalators from the underground and you’ll be all good to check in to leave WA forever. Or not. 2020 is when the first train leaves the station!

There was talk of cable cars in Perth, but do we really think that’s going to happen? Perth probably won’t get something that cool. A light-rail, which has been thought about, is probably going to be built but the government just can’t decide when to do it or where to put it.

Here’s to an ever-changing city! Maybe one day – just one day – we’ll be able to say, “There was no traffic at all on the way there, I got to the airport on the train in 20 minutes!” Here’s hoping.

Just really quick, Boom’s ever-changing too! Keep checking our Shows page to keep updated on who and what’s on air!

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