RadioFlag 2015 – We Need Your Help!

Never heard of it? Alright…

Firstly, have a quick read of our RadioFlag page to get the basics. Done that? Okay.

RadioFlag is an online listening platform where you can listen to student-run radio stations the world over. They have awards called the Radio Star Awards and 2015 is the first year international stations can enter, so guess who jumped all over that? Yep, we did.

The awards are done twice a year and categories include Best Music Show and Best Variety Show. You can also enter artists in the Best Artist category, where bit the artist and the show promoting them gets a mention. Why are we telling you this?

In the Spring edition, our very own Bree won the Best Music show with Boom’s Back Yard. She got a shirt saying “Save The radio Star” and we got a RadioFlag banner with all of our names on it, to be hung in the studio. We plan to keep it up and have nominated all of our Specialty Shows for the same award.

The big prize we aim for, though, is Station of the Year. Not only would we get to hold the title of “The Best Student Run Station 2015” from around the world, we also win a huge banner with all of our names on it saying that we’re the station of the year. Can you imagine, Boom Radio winning Station of the Year over other student-run stations in Perth? And we don’t even have a frequency!

Want to help out? Head over to the RadioFlag website, sign up and tune in! Let us know what you think of us by Flagging our station – posting a status on our page (very similar to Twitter). They also have an app which is easy as pie to use.

PLUS it’s a handy way to listen to Boom Radio if you don’t have the Tune-In app.

Winners are drawn December 28th. Flag on, dear reader!

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