4 Stages of Getting New Headphones

   Okay so I have recently been using a pair of k-mart headphones after my last pair died about 3 months ago. but recently I have gotten a new pair and… well this is my reaction to it.

First Stage: 

The first stage is when your old headphones break . no matter how crap you are you always end up like this:


Second Stage:

imagine this. you’re on the train with your new more expensive headphones. you haven’t even tested them out yet but you plug them in and put your favourite song on. your immediate reaction looks like…


As you listen to your favourite song it get closer to the chorus. then it finally happens and that’s when you get to stage three.

Stage Three:

There it is. the chorus and the best part of the song! you’re finally there and you sit there and on the inside you’re feeling something like…





while all of this is happening you’re sitting on the train there like…


Stage Four:

so its been a few weeks now and the hype has passed and you’re a whole lot of…

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