5 Reasons Why Gays Shouldn’t Exist

Okay so now I’ve got your attention please note I do not intend to offend anyone, this whole article is written in complete sarcasm.

1: Gays have the worst parties!!


I mean look!!…


At how boring…


And lame


all this is???

2:  Adopting children and having happy lives

Look how unhappy these kids look. I mean they have two dads


3:  Drag Queens!!!!!


Look at them!! they aren’t beautiful artistic women at all!!


4: They are horrible for giving us some of the greatest people to ever grace the earth!!

those people include:

Sir Ian McKellen

Sir Elton John

there are many many more but I’m running out of room

5: they can have normal marriages

Look at them!!!

getting married in a church pffft!

I bet they have all their friends and family there too! eww just like normal people!!

10972389_958518967493638_165206201_n                 10972454_958519310826937_992540692_n

Disclaimer: this entire thing was sarcasm and all people in the LGBTQ+ community including myself are all beautiful people!! so don’t stop being you!! xx

Tune in from 3 to hear them discuss this on The Low Down


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